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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 6725188

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well long time no makeup. Its been about four years since we put on the makeup. It was a great feeling as photo ops galore and girls galore...as per the above example.

Taking the makeup off...well thats another issue and one of the main reasons we stopped doing it but now it is an annual thing. Which is great because I didn't spend 1500 making this costume for nothing. Putting on the makeup makes me miss the band scene...but I digress.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Sorry about the MIA as I took some time off and have been busier than hell at work.

First off I want to say get well to the Blonde who suffered a horrific car accident and is recovering in the hospital. All of my wishes and thoughts are with you. (I would say prayers but I don't pray)

I got to see this last week...

Let me just say North Carolina is awesome. The arena was awesome the cerimony was awesome the banner raising was awesome the food was awesome the people were awesome my seats were awesome. Right on center ice I took this picture with tears in my eyes as they showed a motha fuken montage of last years kickin playoffs.

I did not realize that there were friendly american states. I always thought through my travels of the central and eastern states that everyone was in a big city mentality with no concern for manners, morals or common courtesies. Well NC laid that to rest for me as everyone was very friendly and approachable that I have not experienced in the US as of yet.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Hurricanes have the most enthusiastic fan base. I was meaning to hook up with some friends in the parking lot a few hours before game time to do some tailgating. I was thinking there would be small packs of people tailgating well I was in for a surprise....I showed up and there were thousands of people around the stadium bbqing and setting up their tents and shrines in pregame festivities. Needless to say I was floored...and couldn't find the people I wanted to meet. However I did meet some other fine folks...

The arena was beautiful as I stepped through the security check and gazed upon the beautiful arena which I had seen so many times on tv and in playing NHL on xbox. It seemed like a dream to be there to watch the team I had cheered for almost all of my life. It was surreal seeing Glen Wesley as he has been there almost as long as I can remember. Seeing the banner rise and then seeing Ric Flair on the scoreboard after a Hurricanes goal was unbelievable.

Never mind the result of the games that I saw...it was an experience I will never forget. It has got me looking a bit for job opportunities in that area but getting a VISA or green card is a very difficult process...until then a guy can dream can't he?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

PartyCasino turns out to be profitable..

Well I decided to take Party up on their bonus offer except upon reading a thread on 2+2 about some guy who hit the Royal Flush on the Joker's Wild decided to try and clear it in the casino instead of poker. So I ended up lucky...

All in all up 500 bucks plus the 75 dollar bonus (around 600 bucks). I don't normally casino whore but PP has been brutal for me when clearing bonus so I decided to change it up...glad I did..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rockster - Supercrapo

Ok I got an idea for a show...
Lets put together a guy with some talent and 2 guys with no talent that all got lucky in huge bands to be in the right place at the right time.

Oh yeah they are already doing it.

And I am hooked on it. Not because I like the "band" they put together and if by a definition of a band you mean 3 guys that will stay together no longer than your first ejaculation then you can call them a band.

The two songs I heard so far were blatant ripoffs of various tunes with catchy woohoo's scattered throughout. I have more talent in my infected toenail than Gilby Clarke will ever have...he looks in pain when trying to play lead up on stage. The band will suck and soon breakup after their first "world" (and if by world you mean various clubs around bad parts of Jersey then yeah world) tour and first big "album" (and if by album you mean it will actually only be printed on vinyl then yeah album).

So really a winner will not really be a winner so we should be cheering for the runner up that doesn't have to endure a rock song that sounds kinda like the Kelly Clarkson band that she brings on tour with them. What I really don't understand is how they keep calling out the singers to be "heavier" when in reality if they just covered something by Air Supply it would suffice.

I am uncomfortable whenever Newstead either speaks or looks at the camera. The simple fact is that the guy left Metallica, realized what a huge mistake he made and then begged to come back. Luckily they found a guy with way more talent (although that wouldn't be too hard) from ST that added a new dimension to the band they couldn't let go.

Yet I watch the show for the simple fact is its something kinda rock thats on tv and I don't have to always gag when a gay guy whose name sounds like semen is on my screen.

I did think the best tune I heard on the show was Ryan's original song even though the bitch Delana said it was nothing without the house band (whatever that means).

Just had to get Rockstar off my chest....yes I feel better now.

PS...the Storm Large nude pics really kept me more interested...she is one hot chicky

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My brain cells...

Ok so I have these kinda blackouts.

You know the kind where you drink too much and then don't remember much about what happened. My problem is that this happens a lot when I drink. There will be periods of the night I do not remember at all. They may be silent movie mode where I can see everything and everything that is going on but not remember any of the conversation or what is being said.

In all cases my friends describe me as completely coherent, attentive and completely understandable. There are those that even ask me if I had a drink that night.

Other times I can still remember nothing and be a blithering hyena with jokes galore and everyone can tell that I'm hammered. Most of the time the drinks are accompanied by uh popeye cigarettes which accentuate the behaviour.

I am pretty smooth when I am hammered or so I've been told...it could be just that I am the total opposite and my friends are benefitting from my negative game but I think events that have happened tend to lean toward the fact I still got game.

I think thats what every man needs...game...I know too many friends that let that part of them go, get married, settle down and then become a blob on society. I hate these people, always making excuses, never around, always have something going on...yes I don't have time for you either but for different reasons.

Why am I writing this? I have no earthly idea, somedays you are motivated by madness.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mutha Fucken Snakes on a Mutha Fucken Train

Based on the title have you seen the b movie knockoff on dvd? Talk about getting on the hype...they released it 3 days after the movie was in the theatres..please...
I took Pauly's advice and we all smoked a ton of green magic before seeing the already cult status SOAP. It was the best movie I ever saw...although there were not many people in the theatre I don't think this hick town can comprehend the magnitude of this movie. They just wouldn't get it...I laughed constantly through the whole thing and loved every moment of it. Culminating in the now infamous line....you know the rest if you don't you probably aren't reading this anyways. Good riddance you non-existant reader!

Luckily I totally screwed up on my days and didn't have to go to the concert with the groper. However had to hang out with them on Wednesday...it was ok some groping but not as much as before. All innocent stuff. I got way too drunk for a wednesday though...not a great idea.